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Saturday, June 17th, 2006
1:27 pm
quick before i forget things
Well we stayed an extra day in Puerto Escondido because Kat made us miss our bus while doing shots of Mexican better-than-tequila liquor. Which made me mad but whateeever. We got to stay at these surfer guys´ place. But actually, they were also part of the blame cause they provided the shots. And my poor sandals got swept away by the tide so I had to buy new ones. I bought the first flip-flops I saw because I hate walking barefoot. But now that I really look at them, I realize that they are huge. They are so round and fat and squishy I feel like I´m walking on pancakes.

Then we went to San Cristobal de las Casas. In the main square we got surrounded by little 4-10 year old girls trying to sell us bracelets and belts. Once they saw our interest in one girl, the rest swarmed over and yapped away, thrusting hand-crafted goods at us. Due to the enormous pressure, awkwardness, and cute faces, we bought something from everyone. Later, we had drinks with this guy who turned out to be the son of the mayor of Merida. Which was cool cause that was the next city we were going to. When we got back to the hostel at 3am, some guy kept on asking us, "How much? How much?" in Spanish. It was confusing until we realized he thought we were prostitutes.

We also randomly started talking to this oldish guy who was born in Austria, and is living in Mexico. He makes a living selling herbs and playing the piano. He invited us to the fancy hotel he was working for, and played songs he made up on the spot. It was great just chilling in the nice shiny hotel, listening to this talented pianist sing songs about us. The hotel people put us on the televison screen because they were taping the pianist playing so that they could make a commercial. Since most people believe he's the best pianist in town, the hotel was going to use him to draw in customers. We got free drinks on the house, beautiful music, and another new friend in the world.<3 Sweet times.

Afterwards, we went to see the ruins in the jungle of Palenque, and then two of Mexico's most beautiful waterfalls, Agua Azul and Misoja. When we got to Merida, Kat and I split up for the day, and due to my bad memory and terrible sense of direction, I got sooooooooo lost. I couldn't remember which street I had to turn to get to our hostel. I wandered around sketchy streets late at night, miserably muttering obscenities to myself as I tried to jab the front door key into each lock I came across. During the time I spent looking for the hostel, I met many people who tried to help me, until I ran away when they turned creepy. But in the end, this nice guy who was working in front of a hotel walked me back to my hostel, which turned out to be on the one block I didn´t even bother considering because....it was too close to the church...¿it made sense in my head.

Then we went to see the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, and slept outside on our hammocks at night. The next day we went to Tulum to see the great Mayan ruins, but by the time we got there we realized we were all ruin-ed out. So we ditched the ruins and went to the beach to experience the fine, soft sand and turquoise blue water of the Caribbean Sea. Afterwards, we went to Playa del Carmen for two more days of beach time before flying out from Cancun.

I left out some of the people we met on this trip and some of the places we saw, with the intention of showing them through pictures that Kat took. Unfortunately, her camera and wallet got stolen on the bus. And I don't know how to end this entry eloquently, so this is it.

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Monday, June 5th, 2006
7:42 pm
The ride to Puerto Escondido was the WORST 5.5 hours of my life. I had severe motion sickness, coupled with possible minor food-poisoning due to my over-eagerness to try street food. The route we took was literally four hours of non-stop curving roads. It was pure hell - being nausiated and feeling an intense desire to vomit, all the while swerving from side-to-side in a hot, humid van. I am really worried about the drive out tonight at 9:30...for FOURTEEN HOURS. I wish I was rich enough to order a helicopter. Or be all Star Trekky and teleport myself to Australia.

It's really wierd, Katherine and I keep on getting stopped by random Mexican people because EVERYONE thinks we´re from Japan. They get confused and doubtful when we say we´re from Canada, so we have to also explain that we were born in China/Hong Kong. Even after I told someone that I was born in Hong Kong, he was all like, "¿Oh, but you speak Japanese, si?" But most people who come up and talk to us also want to take pictures with us. But today was exciting because it was the first time a girl requested a picture. At first it kinda made me feel like a freak show, but I've gotten used to it and it's become pretty fun. I think we should start telling people we're from Zimbabwe.

OH YEAH I bought a hammock! It´s nice and fits 2 people, so who ever wants to hammock it up with me...LETS DO IT.
Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
8:17 pm
We took a day trip to Puebla, and then we bussed our asses over to Oaxaca. The city is all blocked with tents and people sleeping on the streets because of the elementary teacher´s strike. Kat and I were walking through the crowded market area when we passed 3 women who were standing around a big pot. They were cooking something which involved meat, beans, onions and some other things that i don´t know, but it smelled so good. So we stopped walking and stood there staring in awe at the pot for a while, just breathing in the delicious aroma. I think it was kind of weird for the women cause they giggled nervously for a bit, but then we had a nice chat with them and they told us that we should come back in half an hour since that´s when the food would be ready. We came back half an hour later and they gave us some of the food and it was soo good. We were happily enjoying our meal when we heard the women talking about the group of teachers coming. And it suddenly dawned on us that the food we were eating wasn´t for sale, it was for the protesters. And none of them had started eating yet. We were like, scarfing down food from the poor protesters pot. It was awkward.

The next day, we planned to walk up this tall hill to see the view of the whole city from above. However, on our way there, 3 guys walked past us from the opposite direction. We thought nothing of it until they stopped and told us to come to a party with them. Now that sounds weird and a bit sketchy, and we were skeptical at first, but then we got to talking to them and they seemed like cool people. So we abandoned our tourist plans and went to a local party. It was fun, the party wasn´t too big, maybe 15 people. They were all students at the University of Architecture and the party was for 2 of the guys who were turning 21. Everyone was really friendly and accepting. It was weird though cause they started drinking at 5pm and didn´t stop until after 1am. The next day we met them at their university with the intention of sitting in on one of their architecture classes, but their teacher is absentminded and just stood outside chatting with the other profs and then disappeared an hour later.

Now we're in Puerto Escondido. It's tiny, but succchh a surfer area. We´re staying in a cabaña at the hostel. We arrived at 11:30 last night. We went straight to bed because we were so tired. But at 4am we heard this knocking on our door. Since we had an extra bed, we thought that it was probably a third roomate. However, when we opened the door, this guy with a huge grin on his face started talking non-stop about how he had a joke to tell us. He was a pretty odd character, one of those outgoing people who talks to everybody. He's from Vancouver, so we had to chat with him due to our eternal Canadian bond. After a while, he led us out to the pool area to meet his friends. But since they had all gone to bed, he decided to be spontanious and throw us into the pool. It was aggrivating, but turned out to be pretty nice swimming in the early morn. Today I coincidentally ran into the Australians I met in Mexico City. The lifeguards here are nice.
Thursday, June 1st, 2006
5:39 pm
after mexico city, we went to Cuernavaca for our Social Justice programme. It was a 10 day-er and we explored the issue of poverty in Mexico. But there´s too much to type out about that.

We met these 2 amazingly fun Irish girls who were teaching English in Cuernavaca. They took us to these great parties where we met tons of interesting people. But I think I´m kind of tired of meeting people who I´ll probably never see or talk to again. I guess at least the moments we have together is as fun as could be since there´s not enough time to find things about each other to be annoyed about.

then we went to Acapulco for 3 days to lie on the beaches. I got sunburn! My right leg was pretty gross because my bug bite from Cuernavaca hadn´t healed yet, but I went out into the salty sea water anyways and had waves crashing against it for the whole day. And by the end of the day I had sunburn. Mostly on the bug bite area.

The first night we went out for dinner in Acapulco, i had the option of ordering either this chicken dish drizzled with liquid chocolate mixed with spices...or goat head. Obviously I went with the goat head. It was really interesting. I hungrily attacked every edible slab of meat on it, including the eyes and tounge. The tounge looked so gross, it was hanging out of the goat´s open mouth. But I was a trooper and gnawed away at it the best I could. I felt so primal. That was an interesting night.

In Acapulco there´s this place where they have cliff divers. It´s one of the things the city is known for, so we decided to go there at night. During the day when we were trying to cross the street, this old man beside us guided us across cause traffic is insane here. We chatted with him for a bit, and he liked us so much that he said he´d take the day off to chill wtih us and show us around. So he took us downtown, and to Pie de la Cuesta, this beautiful beach with fine soft sand. At night we told him we wanted to go to see the cliff divers, and he was all like, ¨Oh yeah, I know them.¨ He´s best friends with the owner of the cliff diving place! He used to dive briefly when he was young. And he knew the actual cliff divers! So we went with him, met the owner, met the people who worked there, got in for free, someone bought us beers. Roy the security guard was going to take us scuba diving and to the island for snorkeling the next day. But then we decided to leave to mexico city early. The owner said we could come back anytime and get in for free. Oh yeah and we MET THE DIVERS and they wanted to go to the discotec together. I never liked guys in speedos but they were in their 20s and cute. Everyone wanted their autograph and pics, while we were just chilling with them. It was cool.

When Kat and I returned to Mexico City and decided to split up for 4 days. Well exept for when we went to see the great pyramids in Teotihuacan and she brought her friend and i brought some hostel kids. But that was fun because it was like a group adventure. I stayed at the Hostel Cathedral, which is right in the center of the city. It was a really good experience being by myself because it forced me to be social and make friends, hah. Hostel kids are so friendly and interesting. I hung out with different groups, these two surfers from Isreal, 3 guys from AUSTRALIA, 2 girls from the US and a girl from London.

I also met this artist named Bacho who made paintings in the hostel. He got free room and board for 3 months just to create a big piece of art for the hostel. That´s such a nice deal. Next year he gets to go to Gerrmany to paint for some guy. He took me to this creative people party where everyone was a talented photographer/painter/director/writer/actor (1). Bacho was cool, i´ll miss him. But he´s making me a painting and will give it to me when he comes to Canada after Germany, because he has some commisson work in Quebec. =)
Monday, May 29th, 2006
12:20 pm
as you may or may not know, I am currently in MEXICOOO. Ok this is just going to be a quick recap of events cause I don't feel like paying $1.50 for another hour.

OK so May 9th(Chusday), Kat and I left Toronto and flew to Atlantic City. There we stayed for 2 days with Allan and Anelia who were awesome. They showed us around and let us borrow their spare cell phone incase we got lost =) One of the places we visited was CNN haha. And there was this one children's museum which specifically pointed out that there were no guns allowed by having a picture of a gun inside a red circle with a diagonal line going across it (it was right next to the no smoking sign). Allan and Anelia also showed us the nightlife. They took us to an MC battle, and it was cool cause we met the host of the night beforehand since they personally knew him. And we also got wristbands for drinks even though we weren't 21. The guy who gave us our bands was a cop. He was a pretty happy guy.

The next night we went out for our last meal together and I ordered a beer from the restuarant but the waitress asked when my birthday was. I wasn't expecting that and couldn't spontaniously do the calculations in my head fast enough. But she gave me a few beers anyway. Wow I missed alot of things that happened in Atlanta, but all I can remember right now is the beer. Before we went back to their apartment to prepare for the wine and cheese party they were having that night, we stopped by the supermarket. Having consumed a few bottles, I naturally felt the urgent need to pee. So I got out of the car and ran inside to find a washroom (when I asked the cashier where the washrooms were, she gave me this disgusted look and was all like, "¿Uh, you mean RESTroom?"). When I was done, I went back outside but couldn't find the car. This made me confused, and I started wondering if I had imagined the car. But then I self-assuredly slurred to myself, "Pshhhhhhh naw, I'm not THAT drunk!" and then proceeded to giggle for a bit. But then my next thought was "Oh my god. ¡They kidnapped Katherine!" Fortunately Allan drove his car back to the supermarket soon after and we all had a good laugh.

Then we flew to Mexico City to hang out there for two days. We met Ismael, his sister Lai, their friend Gannon and this guy named Pabs from London. So we hung out with them for two days and saw the sights, saw the mariachis, saw luchas libre (wrestling). Wow wrestling fans are CRAZY. They get so into it. One guy beside me seemed to take it really personally when his favourite wrestler lost. And then we went dancing and met their clubbing friends and this entry will have to end for now because my head hurts from last night but I still tried really hard to use proper puncutation.
Friday, February 10th, 2006
12:33 am
At UofT we have this place called The Arbor Room. It's where students, faculty, and the general public can go to eat food, relax and enjoy live performances. Unfortunately it's financially unsustainable, and last week they decided to shut it down. This outraged many of the students; so much so that they decided to stage a protest this afternoon. I happened to walk by and got pulled in by a particularly enthusiastic demonstrator. It was all really cute, very grassroots-like with a bunch of students marching back and forth in front of the building with hand-made signs. There was this kind of communal atmosphere, with everyone united against a common cause.

Afterwards, they had different people come up to the mic to speak to the crowd. Near the end, this one guy (who I think is an executive on the Canadian Union of Public Employees), came up. He was pretty good, got the crowed amped up and cheering like crazy. Then at the end when he reached what seemed to be the climax of his speech, he shouted, "Now we all gotta work together TO SHUT THIS PLACE...." and there was a shocked-silence from the crowd as his voice faltered for a little bit before stuttering, "I-I-I mean SHUT DOWN THE shutting down!!!"


Then after he was done his speech, another guy comes up and goes, "Well! If there's no one else who wants to say a few words, we're going to go inside and make ourselves heard!!" Everyone cheers, but slowly the crowd starts to part as this crippled, "mentally-challenged" guy waddles up towards the mic and takes over. He pulls out this long speech from his pocket and starts reading it out loud. But literally, all you hear is "MVGGBSV slkdjgggg ljslkjsssskkkkk slajrkeljllllllggggg" blasting out over the speakers. Everyone gets quiet and kind of shocked while he continues like this for over 10 minutes. You couldn't understand anything at all because it sounded like gibberish. Whenever he said something that sounded even REMOTELY like "Arbor" or "Room" they would cheer a bit, but were still confused.

I wanted to laugh sooo much, but I tried to look serious and perhaps a bit perturbed while angry at the same time. But there were moments when I couldn't keep it in and snorts of laughter burst out before I coughed and looked disturbed again. Haha, I felt like a mean immature kid. I had to concentrate so hard on thinking serious thoughts. But I knew that if Sanja was there with me, it would have been fun because she's so un-PC. We would have ran away to freely laugh together!

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
5:24 pm
recycling is love
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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
9:52 pm
When I went to get my volunteer reference letter, they tricked us into staying for an AIESEC presentation. AIESEC is such a pointless organization. Their official Vision Statement is to achieve the "Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind's Potential." Haha. They supposedly match up students to global internship opportunities, and provide "integrated development expereince comprised of leadership opportunities". Who makes typos in their propaganda?!

Their promotional video was also ridiculous. It had nothing to do with explaining what the organization actually did. They just used random pictures to try to make it visually appealing. There were pictures of plants blooming in the spring to symbolize "growth", and inspirational disaster pictures (like the Twin Towers going down!) to show how AIESEC kids can...change the world? And then there was this Q&A session where the AIESEC representative (a fourth year student) attempted to explain what they actually offered to students...

First of all, you have to become a member by paying them a fee. After you have paid, what you get in return is the password to their magical little website where they give you a list of organizations that have internship opportunities...and THAT IS IT. After that, you're on your own. You have to contact them yourselves, set up your own interviews, and whether or not you get the internship is completely up to your own effort. Okay, if you were really dedicated, you wouldn't need AIESEC at all. Just research companies you're interested in and take the initiative to ask about internships they might offer. Or go to the Career Center!

Also, members have to commit 15-30 hours a WEEK to work for the organization! And another reason we were told to join was because they offer exclusive conferences to members. Um, their conferences cost $150+ extra, and you are there for the purpose of learning how to promote AIESEC to companies. These aren't conferences...these are TRAINING SESSIONS. THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR.

It was so ridiculous I was like, "So basically we're paying you to work for you?" And she just went, "Heh heh heh...well I know it sounds a little funny! But..." and then kind of trailed off. She got excited again when she remembered "growth opportunities!" and talked about how kids can take on leadership roles within the organization. For example, you could be "Recruitment VP" or "PR Manager" or "Volunteer Co-ordinator" or whatever you want. Literally, whatever you want. I think as long as it sounds reasonably professional, you can give yourself a label and create a position. People got really excited about the positions because it'd look good on their resumes. Which is stupid because there are millions of things you could do that would look good on your resume, which could have more depth and value than this crap.

I can't believe people actually buy into this. Apparently in other cities around the world, they make students apply for a membership status because there are enough applicants for them to be elitist. But Toronto is lacking in the recruitment area, so everyone who wants to join automatically gets accepted. But don't, because AIESEC is bullshit.

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Saturday, September 24th, 2005
8:32 am
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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
12:28 am
However the Wal-Mart employees were extremely helpful in our escape
Jessica and I had quite the adventure at the park. It involved a chase in the morning and we had to run away because these two weirdo freaks wouldn't leave us alone. This is Part II of our encounter. Part one is here http://www.livejournal.com/users/btr_thanpacman/16848.html?mode=reply

Seconds before opening that side door and pushing our way to freedom, Jessica paused and considered the potential trouble we may be faced with if caught by employees on the other side. But I turned towards her and shrilly screamed, “It’s either THAT or --”...and proceeded to act (high-giggly-needy)x100000000. Clearly, we chose the lesser of two evils.

I cannot express the sheer and utter joy we felt burst into our little frantically-beating hearts the moment we stepped out onto the beautifully warm, Needies-free concrete lane. Eighteen-wheelers decorated with colourful profanities, and fly-infested Dumpsters with reek garbage spilling over its metal confines like a fat kid in a Speedo, never looked so beautiful.

From there we walked along the side of the building, unsure as to where we were or where we were going, but still riding on the accomplished high that our escape had imparted on us. We finally reached an entrance, and decided that it was safe enough to go back inside. In retrospect I don’t see the logic in this, but I suppose it worked out for the best, since I wouldn’t have a Part II to write about otherwise.

We stepped into the middle of a large indoor book sale set-up in the middle of the mall. Confident in their illiteracy, I authoritatively assured Jessica, “Those two would never look for us here. Like, what would they do with BOOKS?!” She agreed and we stopped to have a look. We were so blissfully immersed in the Discount Books section that we failed to see two heads bopping towards us in the distance. However, we did hear one of them happily squeal, “HEEY, there they are!” Jessica and I turned to each other in shock, disbelief, and dread. The books we considered buying for $3 and $2 respectively, were flung back towards the general direction of the bookrack, and we fled to the multi-aisled sanctuary that is Wal-Mart.

Upon reflection, I’m sure we looked like two crazed lunatics, frantically running up and down the various aisles. But it put our problem-solving skills to the test and I bet they improved for the better. We only had mere seconds to quickly run through the different aisles, assess the inventory, evaluate which aisle would be most likely to not interest the demented Needies, weigh the pros and cons of each, and determine whether the perfect refuge would be next to the HoHos and Twinkies rack or the Quaker® Oatmeal Breakfast Squares. And all of this was done with the added background distractions of startled looks as well as “DEBBIE IN AISLE NINE PLEASE” and ofcourse, the ever-present fear amid the thudding of our hearts.

Somehow, we wound up in the Auto-Repairs section. But our eyes immediately locked when we both saw the vessel to our escape: the NO ENTERING WITHOUT EMPLOYEE ACCOMPANIMENT door to the garage exit. At this time, I thought it was an opportune moment to pause and consider how ridiculously funny we must look to the security guards watching this whole thing on camera. However, Jessica was not as easily distracted, and to my utter amazement, she interrupted the Auto-Repair employee and his customer, and asked if we could go through that door. Now, anyone who really knows Jessica would not believe this, for Jessica has a near-phobia with asking anybody questions. But I assure you, it did indeed happen. The employee didn’t say anything but just looked at Jessica with her scared face, and I think my pride and shock at Jessica produced an impressive looking expression as well. After a few long, heart-wrenching seconds, our Saviour wordlessly pressed a secret-compartment button and the door magically swung open.

We burst out of Wal-Mart Auto-Repair and into sweet, sweet freedom - again. I swear, that high never gets old. Then we saw the huge, yellow exterior of No-Frills a few feet away from us. Jessica was like a fruit-fly enthralled by one of those bright, insect zappers that glow and attract flying insects into an electrocuting grid. The glowing light of the store design was calling her name. Because, also as anyone knows Jessica, she is in love with No-Frills (she has said it was due to the low prices). We went inside and found some cardboard boxes. She put one over her head and said that if we wore boxes like that, we could hang out at the park undetected. At first I excitedly agreed, but soon realized that however genius that plan might be, the boxes may prove to be a liability if we were required to run away in such a situation.

So we ditched the boxes and cautiously ventured back to the park, cause we’re brave like that. Fortunately, the rest of the day was peaceful and we spent our time watching cute fat pigeons attempting to mate. There was a minor disruptance when we were happily sitting together on a bench and a pigeon peed on us. It was gross but not too bad, except another pigeon also felt the urge to pee on Jessica. But after that it was smooth sailing, baby.

Sunday, August 21st, 2005
8:54 pm
I think I had food poisoning
I woke up feeling the intense desire to vomit yesterday morning. After finally being able to fall asleep at four a.m., I woke up at seven a.m. due to a pressing urge to hurl, which remained consistant throughout the day. It was extremely annoying. Sadly I could not go to a party with Jessica because of the excruciating agony. But I did endure the pain to be with her, if for only a few moments, and we enjoyed a nice night-time walk. And she gave me cookies.

Today my dad made me go with him to The Ex. I didn't really mind, he's a pretty chill kid. Haha. We went to see the stuff they sold in the buildings. He got really excited when we saw these sling-shots on sale. It brought back nostalgic memories of him attempting to kill birds as a child.

There was one booth where this guy was trying to sell people this cheap ass floor-cleaning device, which was literally a sponge on a stick. His amazing demonstration was to pour water on the floor and wiping it up with the sponge-stick. Then he got really fired up and yelled, "If you think THAT'S amazing, just LOOK AT THIS!" and enthusiastically ripped off a piece of paper towel and threw it onto the floor. After doing so, he proudly waved it around and screamed, "It's practically dry!"

The crowd that had gathered around ACTUALLY SEEMED IMPRESSED. Some people even TOUCHED THE SEMI-SOGGY PAPERTOWEL!! It was unbelievable. There was also a booth dedicated just to selling nail-filers. And it had pretty good business. Some people are so easily influenced.

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Friday, May 20th, 2005
10:49 am
Sauerkraut Cake
Saturday is Crystal's birthday, so Jessica and I are going to bake her a cake. Right now we are searching different cake recipes on the net. It's like going to the pound and deciding which puppy you want to bring home.

UPDATE~ We just decided to make a beer cake with Logan's beer. It's the only physical memory that Jessica has of him. Corina still has his card. This is the link to the beer cake: http://cake.allrecipes.com/az/BeerCake.asp IT HAS SIXTY-SIX REVIEWS! WE are so made for this cake.

So THIS will be our cake: http://cake.allrecipes.com/az/RedVlvtCke.asp, except green and no cocoa.
It's going to have green insides and three sprinked layers. If no one eats it then they're not adventurous and are MISSING OUT HORRIBLY and we don't have time for them. The oustide icing of the cake will be traditional white...but once they cut it open it will be like a SURPRISE!!! We're going to decorate the top of the cake with sprinkles and smarties, and we're going to draw a picture with icing.

I want to make peanutbutter cake.

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Thursday, May 19th, 2005
2:20 pm
I just wet myself
Oh my god. There's this kid in our school. A little Niner. He wears tight, thin orange shirts and black pants. And he often goes through the halls, SKIPPING his way to class! Whenever I see him in the hallway, he's always skipping. I'm not even joking. It's amazing. With his lil lunchbag swinging in the air. Wow. I'm always in awe. He ALWAYS makes my day. How does one remain so happy, so carefree and jovial? Especially in the strict confines of a school institution. If I wore hats, I'd tip my hat to him.

Jessica and I had planned to catch him today and actually talk to him. Jessica made these amazing brownies...they were sooo soft and juicy and chocolatey and warm. We were going to offer it to the Skipper, and that was going to be our icebreaker. We tried guessing at what his name would be (Alan, Blake, Brian, Pete, Petey..)

We seriously considered the possibilities and decided that he looked like a kid who would be in math class. So we went to the math wing to find him. But when we saw him in the hallway, we got way too excited and giggly. We were like hyperventilating. We didn't expect to actually find him on our first try!! He was outside of the Computer Science room, waiting for class to start. But we were too enthusiastic and a bit nervous when we were actually in his presence. We thrust the box of brownies in his face and yelled "DO YOU WANT SOME?!" He was like, "N-n-no thanks..." and literally turned his whole body away from us. SHOT DOWN! =(

But poor kid! I'd be freaked out too if some weird chicks came out of nowhere and shoved a box of brownies in my face. We probably seemed really airheaded and demented. Dammit we alienated and scared it. How are we going to talk to him now?! I want his MSN. Maybe we can get to know his friends...and slowly gain their confidence...and BAM! Skipping time.

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
8:50 pm
hi. this is marina and corina. we rhyme. its like a badjoke-grief.
richard looks really really good - marina's cions heheheh
u have been saying that for like half an hour. nice attempts. so like, me and marinska r a tad tipsy. whyu do i update only when i'm a bit underthe influence
cauuuuuuseeeeeeeeee its the only time when we go online corina! im marina herehehehehehelol wait tomorrow is new years sup?
not much babe. its corinaandmarinatime. where did u go. come back. u dont ditch me for the PIANO!!!!!!
lol aoeey i used to play the pauno in russa lol but i quit cause we moved to canda qIR UN NBIRAS OMG RHWYE LIAWTENING TO ICON OF COIL I LOVE ANDY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shhhh. we have to sound coherent.
um i do.
maybe u dont

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
11:02 pm
at snoopieas house

corina is my best friend forever new years eve forever.
i love corn always especially in buisness i love u tooooooostgephanie
9 was late jessica
i'm at snoopies house
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