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I just wet myself

Oh my god. There's this kid in our school. A little Niner. He wears tight, thin orange shirts and black pants. And he often goes through the halls, SKIPPING his way to class! Whenever I see him in the hallway, he's always skipping. I'm not even joking. It's amazing. With his lil lunchbag swinging in the air. Wow. I'm always in awe. He ALWAYS makes my day. How does one remain so happy, so carefree and jovial? Especially in the strict confines of a school institution. If I wore hats, I'd tip my hat to him.

Jessica and I had planned to catch him today and actually talk to him. Jessica made these amazing brownies...they were sooo soft and juicy and chocolatey and warm. We were going to offer it to the Skipper, and that was going to be our icebreaker. We tried guessing at what his name would be (Alan, Blake, Brian, Pete, Petey..)

We seriously considered the possibilities and decided that he looked like a kid who would be in math class. So we went to the math wing to find him. But when we saw him in the hallway, we got way too excited and giggly. We were like hyperventilating. We didn't expect to actually find him on our first try!! He was outside of the Computer Science room, waiting for class to start. But we were too enthusiastic and a bit nervous when we were actually in his presence. We thrust the box of brownies in his face and yelled "DO YOU WANT SOME?!" He was like, "N-n-no thanks..." and literally turned his whole body away from us. SHOT DOWN! =(

But poor kid! I'd be freaked out too if some weird chicks came out of nowhere and shoved a box of brownies in my face. We probably seemed really airheaded and demented. Dammit we alienated and scared it. How are we going to talk to him now?! I want his MSN. Maybe we can get to know his friends...and slowly gain their confidence...and BAM! Skipping time.
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