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Sauerkraut Cake

Saturday is Crystal's birthday, so Jessica and I are going to bake her a cake. Right now we are searching different cake recipes on the net. It's like going to the pound and deciding which puppy you want to bring home.

UPDATE~ We just decided to make a beer cake with Logan's beer. It's the only physical memory that Jessica has of him. Corina still has his card. This is the link to the beer cake: IT HAS SIXTY-SIX REVIEWS! WE are so made for this cake.

So THIS will be our cake:, except green and no cocoa.
It's going to have green insides and three sprinked layers. If no one eats it then they're not adventurous and are MISSING OUT HORRIBLY and we don't have time for them. The oustide icing of the cake will be traditional white...but once they cut it open it will be like a SURPRISE!!! We're going to decorate the top of the cake with sprinkles and smarties, and we're going to draw a picture with icing.

I want to make peanutbutter cake.
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