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I think I had food poisoning

I woke up feeling the intense desire to vomit yesterday morning. After finally being able to fall asleep at four a.m., I woke up at seven a.m. due to a pressing urge to hurl, which remained consistant throughout the day. It was extremely annoying. Sadly I could not go to a party with Jessica because of the excruciating agony. But I did endure the pain to be with her, if for only a few moments, and we enjoyed a nice night-time walk. And she gave me cookies.

Today my dad made me go with him to The Ex. I didn't really mind, he's a pretty chill kid. Haha. We went to see the stuff they sold in the buildings. He got really excited when we saw these sling-shots on sale. It brought back nostalgic memories of him attempting to kill birds as a child.

There was one booth where this guy was trying to sell people this cheap ass floor-cleaning device, which was literally a sponge on a stick. His amazing demonstration was to pour water on the floor and wiping it up with the sponge-stick. Then he got really fired up and yelled, "If you think THAT'S amazing, just LOOK AT THIS!" and enthusiastically ripped off a piece of paper towel and threw it onto the floor. After doing so, he proudly waved it around and screamed, "It's practically dry!"

The crowd that had gathered around ACTUALLY SEEMED IMPRESSED. Some people even TOUCHED THE SEMI-SOGGY PAPERTOWEL!! It was unbelievable. There was also a booth dedicated just to selling nail-filers. And it had pretty good business. Some people are so easily influenced.
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