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When I went to get my volunteer reference letter, they tricked us into staying for an AIESEC presentation. AIESEC is such a pointless organization. Their official Vision Statement is to achieve the "Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind's Potential." Haha. They supposedly match up students to global internship opportunities, and provide "integrated development expereince comprised of leadership opportunities". Who makes typos in their propaganda?!

Their promotional video was also ridiculous. It had nothing to do with explaining what the organization actually did. They just used random pictures to try to make it visually appealing. There were pictures of plants blooming in the spring to symbolize "growth", and inspirational disaster pictures (like the Twin Towers going down!) to show how AIESEC kids can...change the world? And then there was this Q&A session where the AIESEC representative (a fourth year student) attempted to explain what they actually offered to students...

First of all, you have to become a member by paying them a fee. After you have paid, what you get in return is the password to their magical little website where they give you a list of organizations that have internship opportunities...and THAT IS IT. After that, you're on your own. You have to contact them yourselves, set up your own interviews, and whether or not you get the internship is completely up to your own effort. Okay, if you were really dedicated, you wouldn't need AIESEC at all. Just research companies you're interested in and take the initiative to ask about internships they might offer. Or go to the Career Center!

Also, members have to commit 15-30 hours a WEEK to work for the organization! And another reason we were told to join was because they offer exclusive conferences to members. Um, their conferences cost $150+ extra, and you are there for the purpose of learning how to promote AIESEC to companies. These aren't conferences...these are TRAINING SESSIONS. THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR.

It was so ridiculous I was like, "So basically we're paying you to work for you?" And she just went, "Heh heh heh...well I know it sounds a little funny! But..." and then kind of trailed off. She got excited again when she remembered "growth opportunities!" and talked about how kids can take on leadership roles within the organization. For example, you could be "Recruitment VP" or "PR Manager" or "Volunteer Co-ordinator" or whatever you want. Literally, whatever you want. I think as long as it sounds reasonably professional, you can give yourself a label and create a position. People got really excited about the positions because it'd look good on their resumes. Which is stupid because there are millions of things you could do that would look good on your resume, which could have more depth and value than this crap.

I can't believe people actually buy into this. Apparently in other cities around the world, they make students apply for a membership status because there are enough applicants for them to be elitist. But Toronto is lacking in the recruitment area, so everyone who wants to join automatically gets accepted. But don't, because AIESEC is bullshit.

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