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Well we stayed an extra day in Puerto Escondido because Kat made us miss our bus while doing shots of Mexican better-than-tequila liquor. Which made me mad but whateeever. We got to stay at these surfer guys´ place. But actually, they were also part of the blame cause they provided the shots. And my poor sandals got swept away by the tide so I had to buy new ones. I bought the first flip-flops I saw because I hate walking barefoot. But now that I really look at them, I realize that they are huge. They are so round and fat and squishy I feel like I´m walking on pancakes.

Then we went to San Cristobal de las Casas. In the main square we got surrounded by little 4-10 year old girls trying to sell us bracelets and belts. Once they saw our interest in one girl, the rest swarmed over and yapped away, thrusting hand-crafted goods at us. Due to the enormous pressure, awkwardness, and cute faces, we bought something from everyone. Later, we had drinks with this guy who turned out to be the son of the mayor of Merida. Which was cool cause that was the next city we were going to. When we got back to the hostel at 3am, some guy kept on asking us, "How much? How much?" in Spanish. It was confusing until we realized he thought we were prostitutes.

We also randomly started talking to this oldish guy who was born in Austria, and is living in Mexico. He makes a living selling herbs and playing the piano. He invited us to the fancy hotel he was working for, and played songs he made up on the spot. It was great just chilling in the nice shiny hotel, listening to this talented pianist sing songs about us. The hotel people put us on the televison screen because they were taping the pianist playing so that they could make a commercial. Since most people believe he's the best pianist in town, the hotel was going to use him to draw in customers. We got free drinks on the house, beautiful music, and another new friend in the world.<3 Sweet times.

Afterwards, we went to see the ruins in the jungle of Palenque, and then two of Mexico's most beautiful waterfalls, Agua Azul and Misoja. When we got to Merida, Kat and I split up for the day, and due to my bad memory and terrible sense of direction, I got sooooooooo lost. I couldn't remember which street I had to turn to get to our hostel. I wandered around sketchy streets late at night, miserably muttering obscenities to myself as I tried to jab the front door key into each lock I came across. During the time I spent looking for the hostel, I met many people who tried to help me, until I ran away when they turned creepy. But in the end, this nice guy who was working in front of a hotel walked me back to my hostel, which turned out to be on the one block I didn´t even bother considering was too close to the church...¿it made sense in my head.

Then we went to see the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, and slept outside on our hammocks at night. The next day we went to Tulum to see the great Mayan ruins, but by the time we got there we realized we were all ruin-ed out. So we ditched the ruins and went to the beach to experience the fine, soft sand and turquoise blue water of the Caribbean Sea. Afterwards, we went to Playa del Carmen for two more days of beach time before flying out from Cancun.

I left out some of the people we met on this trip and some of the places we saw, with the intention of showing them through pictures that Kat took. Unfortunately, her camera and wallet got stolen on the bus. And I don't know how to end this entry eloquently, so this is it.
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